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May 27th


December 24, 2023


November 8, 2023


October 2022

Minneapolis Richfield American Legion Post 435

Commander’s Fall 2022 Newsletter

Adam Seamans, Commander


Highlights of summer activities sponsored by the Post 435 Events Committee:
1.  Scavenger Hunt in Veterans Park by partnering with the City of Richfield

2.  Ditch clean up with the help of Post 435 Legion Baseball team;  Financial sponsorship of the Legion Post 435 baseball team.

3.  Collection of American Flags to be retired; Flag retirement ceremony held by the Boys Scouts.

4.  Annual Free Corn Feed.   (Delicious!!)

5.  Financial Sponsor of the Richfield’s Chamber of Commerce Mini Golf Tournament.

6.  Active member on the Veterans Memorial Monument Committee.

7.  Moving significant historical artifacts from the Legion building into storage at the Richfield’s Historical Center.  (Digital camera and written inventory)

8.  Financial sponsorship of Richfield’s community Boys and Girls community basketball teams.

9.  Patriotic kids coloring book (In English and Spanish) distributed through out Richfield.

COMING IN OCT:       Trunk or Treat  (Halloween event for youth)

Veterans Village Highlights:

An Open House held July 20, 2022, was well attended by state legislative and local civic leaders and Post 435 members.   (Standing room only in the Post 435 Auditorium. )

195 units veteran-focus with 40 units rent subsidized.

Surface and underground parking for approx. 360 vehicles including charging stations required for electric hybrid cars.

A mix of Studio, One Bedroom, Two bedroom and Three-bedroom units with full amenities. Two and Three bedrooms offer 1 and 2 bathrooms.

New home for the Post 435 and Extended Family Administrative Offices.

A restaurant and large community meeting/banquet space.  The restaurant will offer single take home meals that can be frozen and heat and serve. 

Construction estimated to begin June 2023 with completion estimated later 2024/early 2025.




**General Membership Meeting at Post 435

Wednesday, September 28, 2022   7:00pm 

Wednesday, October 28. 2022      7:00pm

Wednesday, November 16, 2022   7:00pm

** LOCATION:  Post 435 Auditorium, 6501 Portland Ave South, Richfield MN



Saturday, Sept 24th ; 10:00am - Noon

Come choose your treasure!!  Left over items will be placed in a dumpster and removed.

** LOCATION:  Post 435 Garage, 6501 Portland Ave South, Richfield MN 


**FREE Shredding event for Post 435 Membership and Extended Family

Saturday, Oct 22nd  from 9:00am – 10:30a

Please limit to 2 large grocery bags per person.

** LOCATION:   In front of the Post 435 Garage – 6501 Portland Ave, Richfield MN



Questions?  Contact the following Officers :

Commander Seamans – Veterans Village and general questions:   commanderpost435@gmail.com

Vice Commander Andy Keller – Events and Volunteering Committee:  andypost435@gmail.com

Vice Commander Jeff Ansel – Miscellaneous

Finance Officer:  Jim Munson – Financial/Miscellaneous


PHONE:        855-253-7932     Post 24/7 Answering Service

Physical Location:   6501 Portland Ave South, Richfield MN  55423

Mailing Address:     7730 Laredo Drive, #729, Chanhassen MN  55317


April 15, 2022

March 1, 2021

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Approved by General Membership 

  1. Post 435 General Membership Meetings Schedule Changes:

Blended meetings, in-Person with Zoom: **

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 – 6:30 pm – VFW 1296, Bloomington 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021  - 6:30 pm – VFW 1296, Bloomington

Wednesday, May 26, 2021  - 6:30pm  - VFW 1296, Bloomington 

** In the event in-person meetings are unable to be held – the Membership will meet instead on the regular last Tuesday of each month via Zoom.

  1. Watch email updates via Mail Chimp;
  2. Call the Post Answering Service 24/7 :   855-253-7932
  3. Or Email Commander Seamans at:  commanderpost435@gmail.com


  1. Annual 2021 Elections :   May 26, 2021 
  1. Secret Balloting by USPS Mail and In-Person on May 26, 2021.  Ballots and Instructions will be mailed on or about April 7, 2021;  Postmarked by May 7, 2021 and received by May 13, 2021.   See the Commander’s Corner link for specific information. 



Photo Credit:  Post Member Tom Eckhoff  (Richfield MN) 

Military Service:  US Army Airborne Ranger/ Vietnam NAM

(Patriotic/Post photos welcomed from all members for posting.) 

February 08, 2021




For the May 2021 Post 435 Annual Election



  1. Commander – 1 year term position
  2. 1 Vice Commander – 1 year term position
  3. 2nd Vice Commander – 1 year term position
  4. Finance Officer – 1 year term position

Executive Committee:  3 At-Large open seats – 2 year term each 

Property and Finance Committee: 2 At-Large open seats – 2 year term each

Holding Corporation:  3 At-Large open seats – 2 year term each

Search and Nominating Committee:   4 At-Large open seats – 2 year term each

Volunteers needed for two positions, Adjutant and Membership Director. These are appointed positions. 

Please view the Post 435 By-Laws for specific Committee / Officer duties and eligibility.  The By-Laws can be found on the Post 435 Website.

By:  Feb 20, 2021  

The SNC requests the submission of those interested/nominations and inquires: 

By Email:   Post435adjutant@gmail.com  

By Phone:  Post 435 Answering Service:  855-253-7932.


To be announced at the Feb 23, 2021 General Membership Meeting

** Volunteers ( 10)  are needed to help facilitate the 2021 Elections.  Submit your interest to the SNC.  


January 21, 2021

  1.  Next General Membership Meeting: Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021 via Zoom.  7pm.  Agenda packet released via Mail Chimp (MC)  by Sunday, Jan 24.       ***( Free Tech Support Available to help access Zoom)
  1. General Membership meetings: Last Tues. of each month during Jan -Oct.    Nov & Dec subject to holidays. 
  1. NEW!! Coming in early Feb:  Members (and invited guests) will be asked to do a one-time Zoom pre-registration in advance of the Feb 2021 General Membership Meeting.   More info to come. 
  1. The Board of Directors actively monitor the covid-19 safety measures as recommended by Federal and State Leadership and will use these in determining when in-person meetings can safely resume. 
  1. State Legion encourages all membership to wear appropriate Legion apparel and follow ceremonial protocol as best as is reasonable when participating in all Post related meetings and activities. 


  1. Volunteerism

Several members have stepped up and expressed interested in volunteering for Post activities.   Volunteer opportunities include both short- and long-term assignments.   New Legion programs now being discussed.



  1. Post Adjutant (Trainee)                                     c.   Focus Group participation:  Topic – Post 435 Future 
  2. Membership Director ( Trainee )                       d.   April 2021 Elections            


3.Request for Information ( Documents, Financials, Updates etc):   Contact  the Commander

  1. Renew your membership online thru the National Legion website.


Contact the Commander with questions/comments/inquiries/volunteering etc.  at: 

By Email:               CommanderPost435@gmail.com

By Phone:              Post 24/7 Answering Service at:   855-253-7932;     Live agents on duty.

BY USPS:               Mpls Richfield American Lgion Post 435

                              7730 Laredo Drive, Unit 729, Chanhassen MN  55317


January 19, 2021

My fellow Legionnaires,

As we bid goodbye to 2020,  Post 435 welcomes in 2021 with key accomplishments that has put the Post on a solid path leading towards a brighter future.  Examples of two major accomplishments include:

Improved Financial Health of Post 435 because of improved oversight put in place: 

  1. Re-establishment of the 2-tiered committee structure ( Property & Finance and Executive Committee) per the Post 435 1998-99 By-Laws.  Provides more oversight and increased opportunities for more involvement by membership.   (See the Committee Reports for specific info).
  2. The Post has turned all its financial needs over to the Post CPA.  The CPA conducts a review of all transactions each month during the compiling of the monthly financials.   The CPA continues to serve as an immediate resource to the Finance Officer and Board of Directors in the development of all short-term and long term financial strategies that will protect the financial health of the Post.   
  3. Post has paid off over $150K in old debt.  A Line of Credit is scheduled to be secured in early Feb. 2021. 
  1.  Utilizing professional team ( Legal, CPA, professionally-skilled staff, ) to ensure proper governing of the Post organization in accordance with the By-Laws approved by membership at all times.

Transparency and Inclusiveness

  1. Participation at General Membership meetings continue to increase.

Ex:  Nov 2020 General Membership attendance was 30+ compared with 6 at the Nov 2019  meeting.

  1. Improved Communications To ALL Post members (not receiving Mail Chimp Reports):


i. Establish an accurate Post 435 digital data base ;  This provides the Board of Directors with direct contact now to the entire membership in which to solicit/receive ongoing input.

ii.Offer free Tech Support to help members participate in the General Membership meetings via Zoom and receive emails. 

iii.Created renewed interest from members to stay involved ( as a volunteer, etc).

iv.Sending out all updates, agendas, etc at least every other month by USPS for members who have chosen to stay in the loop via USPS because they do not utilize email.

v.A quarterly newsletter ( digitally and USPS ) is in the works for 2021.


OTHER:         The Post continues to be fully engaged in the City of Richfield’s process:


  1. Remarks have been provided twice ( Dec and Jan) before the City Council regarding the redevelopment of the Post property and the city process.  The council has recently taken action to not proceed ahead with acquiring the property for a community center citing lack of financial feasibility for the city.


  1. I have connected directly with the Mayor of Richfield to continue an open dialogue.  A consistent message is delivered each opportunity: .  The Post intends to work collaboratively with the City to ensure not only that the Post’s goals and objectives are met, but also those of the City. 

As the City process unfolds, we will update you with the goals and objectives, our response to City proposals, and how membership involvement opportunities.

2021 will continue to be an important year for full membership engagement in upcoming decisions.  Members are encouraged to participate in all upcoming opportunities to receive / provide input into the decision making process; including casting your vote for a brighter future direction for our organization. 

Please contact me with your questions and/or request for info/documents. 

Next General Membership:   Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021 at 7pm via Zoom.  Participate in Zoom by calling in from a cell/landline phone or log in by computer.   (Free Tech Help is available to get you set up.). 

For God and Country

Semper Fi,

Adam Seamans, Commander


Ph:  855-253-7932 – 24/7 Answering Service Post 435

FOR YOUR INFORMATION/Available Upon Request : 

  1. Remarks presented before the Richfield City Council on Dec 8 and Jan 12.
  2. Audio records available from the Dec 8th and Jan 12 City Council meetings.
  3. Meeting Summary between the Commander and Mayor Dec 28 conf call. 
  4. Approved Minutes for the Holding Corporation, Executive Committee, Property & Finance Committee and Post Financials. 


December 13, 2020

Volunteers are needed for the following   Short term and long term positions:

1. Adjutant

2. Membership 

3. Elections

4. Focus Groups (new) 

5.  Vets Helping Vets ( new) 

6. Building Management ( new) 

7. Misc 

Please contact by phone 855-253-7932 or by email : Post435adjutant@gmail.com for more information.  


September 24, 2020

Post 435 General Membership Meeting Reminder

When: Sept 30, 2020 – WEDNESDAY – 7 pm CDT

Where: VFW Post  1296/Veterans Club, 311 West 84th Street, Bloomington MN 

What:IN-PERSON – Face Masks Required - Strict safety protocols will be followed.

Contact us at Legion@mnlegion435.org with questions or comments.


June 7, 2020

Members of Post 435, extended Legion Family, and friends,

Yesterday, June 6th, as we paused to remember and reflect on the actions and sacrifices made by our fellow countrymen as they stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1944, Post 435 held its annual election.

First, I would like to extend a debt of gratitude to Boardmembers Lynn Lyons, Greg Grant and Tom Eckhoff for volunteering their time and assistance that contributed to the success of this year’s election process. Their efforts helped maintain the integrity of the election.

The goals of this year's election were: safety, inclusion, and transparency. 

Toward these goals, this year’s elections included three distinct, safe and inclusive opportunities for all members to participate in the governance of the Post for the next Legion year:

1. Nominations (either of one's self or another member)

2. Casting of all votes by secret balloting — Due to Covid - 19 the mailing out (and return) of ballots by via mail to entire membership (utilizing a digital database provided by National) along with "drive through voting" at the Post itself.

3. A write-in voting mechanism.

Post 435 Elections Summary Results:

1. Officers 
Commander Adam Seamans - re-elected 
1st Vice Commander : Mike Hewitt
2nd Vice Commander: Andy Keller
Finance Officer: Dave Kain

2. Executive Board Members - At Large Positions - 2 year terms each

Travis Rudolph - Re-Elected 
Don Rhodes
Linn Laage

(Mark Barthel will continue in the position as Past Commander) 

An acknowledgement of great respect to Chuck Munson running as an opposing candidate for the position of Commander. Chuck is always a formidable individual who has and continues to contribute greatly to the Post. 

3. Delegates to National Convention:

Clair Brenna
Chuck Munson
Don Rhodes

4. Post 435 Holding Corp

Mark Barthel , President
Scott Garret , Vice President
Jim Cooper, Secretary
Doug Dingman, Treasurer 

Those elected can expect to hear from me in the coming week to coordinate for the coming Legion year.

The next step will be to have the results validated at our next membership meeting, which is scheduled for June 30th. More information on this meating will be made available in the coming weeks.

Thank you to everyone who took the time and made the effort to have your voices heard this election. This election had more ballots cast than any previous election I have been a part of. I want us to continue this trend moving forward. It will be vital for the future of Post 435 for us to do so.

Semper Fi, 

Adam Seamans
Commander Post 435

May 24, 2020

May 22, 2020

Call for volunteers!

As has been announced, Post 435 will be holding its general election for open officer and board positions on June 6th. We are in need of 3 to 4 members to assist with collecting and counting ballots.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to commanderpost435@gmail.com or post435adjutant@gmail.com with your name and a good phone number. Thank you for your support!

Semper Fi,
Adam Seamans
Commander, Post 435

May 19, 2020

Legionnaires of Post 435,

COVID-19 has impacted all of our daily lives and continue to do so in new and unforeseen ways. This is also true for Post 435. Times continue to be difficult to say the least for the Post and many of our members. 

One area of Post 435 life that has been impacted is this year’s election of officers and board members. This election has been delayed already due to the concerns around COVID-19. During this time, the officers and board members of Post 435 have been discussing different solutions for how to best handle the delay and chart a course forward, while also maintaining adherence to our by-laws. 

Input has also been received from District and State levels of the American Legion. Options ranging from e-voting to officers retaining their positions for another year have all been discussed. Keeping our members safe continues to always be the top priority throughout any and all discussions

With these discussions, a solution has been identified. Post 435 will be holding our general elections on June 6th, 2020. However, this election will look a little different from elections in the past. 

Every member of Post 435, who is in good standing, will be receiving a ballot in via USPS. (An instruction letter will also be included in this mailing.) Members will have two ways to submit their ballot and make their voice heard (ballot counted). 

The first way will be what I am calling "drive through voting." On June 6th, members will be able to come to Post 435 to submit their completed ballot from 10a - 5p (this time may be adjusted). A Post member, wearing personal protective equipment, will bring the ballot box directly to you as you wait in your vehicle, so you may put your ballot directly into the box. There will be no need to exit your vehicle, enter the Post, or have direct contact with anyone. The second option available to members is to mail their completed ballot back to Post 435 via USPS. 

To ensure an accurate count, and to maintain the integrity of the vote, each ballot will be individually numbered. These numbers will, in no way, be tied to a members' name or member number. They will simply be used to make sure no duplicate votes are being cast. All votes will be processed by personnel not running for a position and the results will be submitted to the Executive Board for dissemination to the membership. The ballots themselves will be retained for 90 days. 

The coming Legion year is going to be filled with many important decisions for our Post. It will take dedicated efforts of officers, board members, and our membership to to ensure Post 435 emerges from its current challenges and starts on the path to health and stability. 

Together, we will accomplish this!

Semper Fi,
Adam Seamans
Commander, American Legion Post 435

April 24, 2020

Hello Post 435 Membership,

As the global pandemic Covid-19 continues, Post 435 operations and activities are still in a shutdown holding pattern until further notice. Our top priority will always be the health and safety of all of our members and their families. The Post 435 looks to the leadership from the MN Governor’s Office and the CDC for any plans relating to re-opening of the Post.

ELECTIONS: As of now, Post elections are scheduled for our May general membership meeting on May 26, 2020. With how everything is going, I anticipate that elections may be pushed back further if not cancelled outright. I have been informed that the National Auxiliary, for example, recently cancelled all elections across the country and recommended that current 2019 officer extend their terms into another year and “stay put” for 2020. 

I have no information at this time if the National Legion will do the same. It would not surprise me, however, if the National Legion Board follows a similar path.

HELP FOR MN VETS: I would like to pass on the following information about a one time grant of $1000 that Minnesota resident veterans may be eligible to receive. (Please note that there are other financial assistance programs available to MN Vets relating to the Covid-19 impact):

COVID-19 Financial Assistance for Veterans: release date April 22, 2020
On March 26, 2020, the Minnesota State Legislature voted to fund a special appropriation to assist Veterans who may be financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 Specific Programs have been activated specifically in response to mitigate the economic effects COVID-19 is having on our Veterans and their families. These programs can close at any time without notice due to the exhaustion of approved funding. Status updates will be posted here regarding the status of these programs. All of the grants are awarded on a first come, first serve basis, and the amount of grants awarded is limited to the length of existing funding.

(Photo below)

For more information about eligibility/how to apply/etc for this Covid-19 Financial Assistance and other (Covid-19) financial assistance programs now available to MN veterans and or their spouse - call the LinkVet below or contact your local County Veterans Service Officer. 

Customer Service for Veterans and their spouses 
Phone: 1 (888)-LinkVet (546-5838)

Stay tune for further updates as new information becomes available. 

Contact Post 435 at RichfieldAmericanLegion@comcast.net. 

Until then, stay healthy.

Semper Fi

Adam Seamans
Post 435 Commander


April 9, 2020

Greetings Legion Family members!

Nominations are for the upcoming Post elections are now closed. Thank you so much to those who put their names forward! The positions up for election and the nominees for those positions are as follows:

Adam Seamans
Chuck Munson

1st Vice:
Mike Hewitt

2nd Vice:
Andy Keller

Finance Officer:
Dave Kain

Executive Board:
Don Rhodes
Travis Rudolph
Linn Laage

Clair Brenna
Chuck Munson
Don Rhodes

Holding Corporation:
Mark Barthel
Scott Garrett

Thanks again to all those who put their names forward. 

Given the situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and the uncertainty it brings, the Executive Board has decided to delay the election until May 26th. This may be subject to further delay as developments arise.

Thank you, everyone, for your hard work and your continued patience.

Semper Fi,
Adam Seamans
Commander, Post 435


March 16, 2020

Hello all!

Given the recent action taken by Pres. Trump and Gov. Walz to combat the spread of COVID-19, I am taking action as Post Commander to close Post 435 to all activities starting tonight at 9pm CST. This closure will be in effect for a period of two weeks. In order to secure Post 435 property, I further declare that all access to Post 435 buildings cease unless otherwise approved by me.

Further, as of now, the Post 435 Executive Board and General Membership meetings scheduled for March 31st are hereby canceled. Work will begin to reschedule these meetings at a later date.

Semper Fi,
Adam Seamans
Commander Post 435


February 11, 2020

Fellow members of Post 435, along with our friends and family,

I wanted to reach out and give everyone an update on Post 435 matters. In late January 2020, club operations (our bar/restaurant) were closed to prevent imminent financial insolvency. Post 435 itself remains open to its members.

At the last general membership meeting of Post 435, the formation of an Exploratory Committee was authorized by the membership. This committee was tasked to research all feasible options available to the Post to continue club operations, while also considering the future of Post 435. The members of this committee included our Holding Corporation president, a post member who is also a business owner, as well as our future gambling manager.

This committee reviewed financial data as well as possible scenarios related to both Post and Club operations. Among the topics discussed/reviewed were:

- The current financial situation of the Post

- The feasibility of continued club operations

- Membership participation

- Legion Family participation (SAL, Auxiliary, Gun Club, etc…)

Relevant financial and operations information has been assembled and is ready for a presentation from our Exploratory Committee to our Post members and our Legion family members. On Feb 25th, when our general membership has its next meeting, this information will be presented and discussed. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm. On hand will be subject matter experts, to include our CPA and a restaurant industry expert. These experts will help everyone understand the information presented. They will also give their input/observations/recommendations as to how to act on this information. The general membership of Post 435 will then decide on a path forward. It is vital we have member participation and input for this path. Members, please plan on attending this meeting. Please reach out to any of your fellow members who you know do not have access to social media. Get the word out regarding this meeting. WE NEED YOU ALL!

Because of the serious nature of the situation our Post finds itself in, I am opening the meeting to our Legion family members. Members of the SAL, Auxiliary, Riders, and Gun Club are invited to attend and hear what the general membership is hearing. I am also opening the meeting to our 2020 staff members to be present to hear what is being. I know many of you are just as invested in the survival of Post 435 as its members.

Please be aware the date of this meeting may change based on scheduling considerations from our subject matter experts.

I, along with dedicated members of our Post, are making every effort to re-open the club to the public. There are many complicated factors to understand that go along with this effort. It is vital we as a Post get this right as we are, essentially, out of 2nd chances.

In closing, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for the patience and support from all stakeholders during this difficult time. This is Post members, Legion family members, vendors, community partners, along with our friends and family. I am fully aware of how difficult this situation been for everyone involved.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you all on Feb 25th.

Semper Fidelis,

Adam Seamans

Commander, Post 435